Congressman Slams Amazon for Removing Pro-Life Christian Group From Its Charity Program
Washington, DC | 5/25/18

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy wants conservatives and Christians to know one thing: He isn’t going to stay quiet as conservatives are

Pro-Abortion Group Launches $5 Million Campaign to Take Over Congress
Washington, DC | 5/25/18

Desperate abortion advocacy groups are spending huge amounts of money to put Congress back into the hands of pro-abortion lawmakers.

Pray for Ireland to Vote No and Reject Legalizing Abortions That Kill Unborn Babies and Harm Women
Dublin, Ireland | 5/25/18

Dublin is five hours ahead of east coast time so when we first begin to write updates Friday about the Irish referendum on abortion, many people

Mom Battling Cancer Refuses Abortion to Give Birth to Healthy Baby
Leahwood, Kansas | 5/25/18

If Stacey Johnson had listened to her first doctor, her son William would not be alive today.

Cecile Richards Says Women “Are Not Free” Without Abortion
Washington, DC | 5/24/18

Women’s freedom relies on being able to legally end the life of another person, according to former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards.

Trump Admin Tells World Health Assembly: “Abortion is Not a Method of Family Planning”
Washington, DC | 5/24/18

President Donald Trump has been standing up for unborn children domestically with his recent decision to defund the Planned Parenthood abortion

Senate Panel Confirms Pro-Life Judicial Nominee Wendy Vitter. Planned Parenthood: “She’s Disastrous” for Abortion
Washington, DC | 5/24/18

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved additional judicial nominees today from President Donald Trump, including the nomination of Wendy Vitter

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Closes 22 Programs in Africa After Trump Defunds It
Washington, DC | 5/24/18

The international arm of Planned Parenthood drastically cut back its programs this year in Africa after President Donald Trump prohibited international

Ireland Prime Minister: Let’s Remove Our Country’s “Legacy of Shame” By Voting to Kill Babies in Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 5/24/18

Protecting unborn babies' lives has produced a “legacy of shame” for Ireland, its prime minister claimed Thursday ahead of a critical vote

President Trump Declares “Every Life is Sacred,” But Media Ignores His Pro-Life Speech
Washington, DC | 5/24/18

While the networks scrutinize the president’s every word (and tweet), their news programming skipped past his recent comments declaring that

Premature Twins Die After Hospital Withholds Treatment, Despite Mom’s Desperate Pleas
Columbus, OH | 5/24/18

A tragedy is being reported by the pro-life group Created Equal involving a Columbus, Ohio, hospital staff that stood by and refused to even

Teen’s Family Sedated Her, Tied Her to a Bed and Forced Her to Have an Abortion
Rome, Italy | 5/24/18

Italy is protecting a 19-year-old Pakistani woman whose family allegedly lured her home, tied her to a bed and forced her to abort her unborn

President Donald Trump Has Been a Pro-Life Champion, Here’s His Pro-Life Record So Far
Washington, DC | 5/24/18

In 43 years of pro-life advocacy I have never seen such momentum and advancement on behalf of innocent human life than what I’ve witnessed