My Wife Was Pregnant After a Brutal Rape and Encouraged to Abort, Here’s How We Responded
Washington, DC | 10/18/17

I understand what women mean when they say that men don’t have as much of a right to talk about abortion after rape as it doesn’t have anything

Government Bureaucrats Propose Banning Surgeries for Smokers and Overweight People
London, England | 10/18/17

Calling Bernie Sanders! Calling Bernie Sanders. STAT!

Will The Alexander-Murray Health Care “Deal” to Salvage Obamacare Also Fund Abortions?
Washington, DC | 10/18/17

Because of a few Republican Senators refused to go along with the reconciliation bill that would defund Planned Parenthood and either repeal

George Soros’ Daughter Donates $500,000 to Planned Parenthood’s Political Group
Washington, DC | 10/18/17

George Soros, one of the richest old white men in the world, is well known as a donor to Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups.

Satanic Temple Co-Founder: We Fight Pro-Life Laws to Promote Separation of Church and State
Washington, DC | 10/18/17

Satanists who are fighting to overturn Missouri abortion regulations claim their motives are to promote respect and the separation of church

Studies Show Birth Control and Contraception Don’t Reduce Unintended Pregnancies
Washington, DC | 10/18/17

The Trump administration’s decision to respect the conscience rights of employers who do not wish to include contraceptives or abortion-inducing

Liberals Exploit Illegal Immigrant to Push Free Abortions for Non-Citizens
Washington, DC | 10/18/17

The story of a pregnant teenager, an illegal alien, has captured attention as the American Civil Liberties Union and abortion industry argue

Oregon Residents Forced to Send $20 Million to Planned Parenthood and $500,000 For Abortions There
Salem, OR | 10/18/17

One of our pro-life representatives did some investigating into the relationship between the Oregon Health Plan and Planned Parenthood. What

Pro-Life Ed Gillespie and Pro-Abortion Ralph Northam Battle in Close Virginia Governor’s Race
Richmond, VA | 10/18/17

I live in Virginia so I knew from the get-go that the gubernatorial contest between pro-life Republican Ed Gillespie and pro-abortion Democrat

Topless Feminists Throw Firebombs, Tampons and Feces at a Catholic Church to Protest Abortion
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 10/17/17

Pro-abortion feminists in Argentina staged a violent, topless protest Sunday to demand taxpayer-funded abortions and cultural acceptance of prostitution.

Trump Admin: “There is No Constitutional Right to Abortion” for Illegal Immigrants
Washington, DC | 10/17/17

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued the Trump administration on Friday on behalf of an immigrant minor, named only as Jane Doe, who

Clinton Foundation Won’t Return $250,000 Donation From Accused Rapist Harvey Weinstein
Washington, DC | 10/17/17

The Clinton Foundation, embroiled in numerous scandals, says it will not give back the money it received from Hollywood mogul and accused rapist

New Clinic Doing Abortions Through All 9 Months Forced to Cancel Appoints After It’s Exposed as Unlicensed
Bethesda, MD | 10/17/17

Operation Rescue has confirmed that abortion appointments scheduled illegally for today at an unlicensed late-term abortion facility in Bethesda,