Miracle Premature Baby Doctors Said Would Not Survive Defies the Odds, Look at Her Now
London, England | 10/21/16

Macey Micklethwaite is thriving at her home in the UK eight months after doctors predicted the tiny preemie would not survive.

Officials Find Dozens of Aborted Babies and Aborted Baby Body Parts Stored in Abortionist’s Freezer
Pretoria, South Africa | 10/21/16

Authorities in South Africa discovered a gruesome collection of aborted babies' body parts inside a Pretoria doctor's freezer this week.

New York Times Wants Nursing Homes to Starve Patients to Death “Without Asking Permission”
Washington, DC | 10/21/16

If there is any aspect of the culture of death not supported and promoted by the New York Times, I haven’t seen it.

Woman Says “Late-Term Abortion Was the Right Choice for Me and About Compassion for Our Baby”
Washington, DC | 10/21/16

Is intentionally killing another human being ever a compassionate choice? Abortion advocates would have us believe so.

Disabled MP Demands Britain Stop Abortions Up to Birth on Disabled Babies: “Am I Better Off Dead?”
London, England | 10/21/16

The Abortion (Disability Equality) Act, introduced by disabled peer Lord Shinkwin, received its second reading in the House of Lords this afternoon.

Federal Judge Stops Mississippi From Defunding Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
Jackson, MS | 10/21/16

On Thursday, a federal judge sided with the Planned Parenthood abortion business and blocked a Mississippi law the governor signed earlier this

Heartbreaking New Song Reveals the Regret and Sadness Women Face After Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 10/21/16

A new song and accompanying video has been launched in Ireland with the aim of drawing attention to women who are suffering from regret and sadness

Mom’s Hope of Making Son With Down Syndrome a Model Goes Viral
Washington, DC | 10/21/16

Fifteen-month-old Asher Nash's adorable smile has become an internet sensation.

St. Louis Planned Parenthood Botches Its 61st Abortion in 7 Years
St. Louis, MO | 10/21/16

The Coalition for Life St. Louis is reporting that an ambulance was seen at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis, Missouri,

Dismemberment Abortions Tear Babies Limb From Limb, Hillary Clinton Calls That “a Scare Tactic”
Washington, DC | 10/20/16

Dream last night's presidential debate, pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton denied the brutality of abortion. She called Donald

Donald Trump Blasts Hillary Clinton: “She’s Saying You Can Rip a Baby Out of the Womb Just Before Birth”
Washington, DC | 10/20/16

Donald Trump went after pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the issue of abortion during last night's presidential debate.

FALSE: Hillary Clinton Claimed China “Used” to Force Women to Have Abortions. It Still Does
Beijing, China | 10/20/16

At last night's presidential debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton made clear where they stand on abortion. Clinton reiterated her support

Planned Parenthood: Husbands Should Have No Say if Their Baby is Aborted
Columbia, SC | 10/20/16

Planned Parenthood officials blasted the South Carolina health department this week after the agency proposed a rule requiring that husbands