I Was Aborted at 8 Months and Left in a Bin to Die
Washington, DC | 7/19/18

Growing up, my elder sister Tammy and I fought like many siblings do. It was during one of these childish rows when I was 14 that she blurted

Man Deliberately Kicks His Unborn Baby to Death, “I Didn’t Want to Hurt Her, Just the Baby”
Birmingham, Alabama | 7/19/18

A man in Birmingham, Alabama is on trial after being accused of beating his 37 week pregnant ex-girlfriend and killing her unborn child.

Mother of 5 Gives Birth to 1 in a Million Twin Daughters With Down Syndrome
Washington, DC | 7/19/18

To say Nardy Mejias has her hands full is an understatement.

Pro-Life Legislator Lives Her Values, Rejects Abortion of Baby With Down Syndrome
Little Rock, AR | 7/19/18

Just a few days after Breanne Davis filed to run for Arkansas Senate, she and her husband learned they were pregnant with their fourth child.

Pro-Life Democrats Hold National Convention: “We Want Our Party Back” From Abortion Activists
Washington, DC | 7/19/18

Yes, they still exist, and they are calling on party leaders to welcome them back.

Premature Baby Born at 21 Weeks and the Size of a Soda Can Defies the Odds, Turns 1
Kansas City, Missouri | 7/19/18

Eliora “Ellie” Schneider arrived from her mother's womb so early that most hospitals in her Kansas City, Missouri home could not treat her.

Conservative Tomi Lahren Says Roe v. Wade Should Not be Overturned. Here’s 4 Reasons Why She’s Wrong
Washington, DC | 7/19/18

Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren brought up the issue of Roe v. Wade and the conservative approach to abortion during a July 7 segment of her

Pro-Abortion Democrats Announce New Slogan: “For the People”
Washington, DC | 7/19/18

House Democrats are now pivoting away from their “Better Deal” slogan, according to Politico. In a private meeting Wednesday, House Democrats

We Know Unborn Babies Feel Pain in Abortions Because Premature Babies the Same Age Feel Pain
Annapolis, MD | 7/19/18

House Bill 1424, The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, was designed to protect pain-capable beings from an agonizing death caused by

Massachusetts House Votes to Allow Aborting Babies if Roe v. Wade is Overturned
Boston, Massachusetts | 7/19/18

Acting on the possibility that Roe v. Wade may be overturned, the Massachusetts House voted to repeal several state laws Wednesday that once

Pro-Life Group Backs Rep. Marsha Blackburn for Tennessee Senate Against Pro-Abortion Phil Bredesen
Nashville, Tennessee | 7/19/18

National Right to Life has endorsed pro-life Rep. Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee's U.S. Senate election. Blackburn faces former governor Phil

Catholic Priest Punished After He Told Pro-Abortion Catholics to Go to Confession
Dublin, Ireland | 7/18/18

The shockwaves after Ireland voted to repeal their pro life legal protections for unborn children are still being felt. A new report indicates

“Lady Parts Justice League” Thinks Killing Babies is Funny, Launches Pro-Abortion Comedy Tour
Washington, DC | 7/18/18

Teen Vogue might want to rename itself Abortion Magazine, as often as it pushes the issue on young, impressionable girls.